Windows server 2016 Standard – the perfect solution for small businesses.

Windows server 2016 Standard – the perfect solution for small businesses

Windows server 2016 Standard is the perfect tool for small businesses, able to provide them with full cloud data integration and a comfortable working environment, and without a very high budget. By choosing this solution, you can benefit from an operating system that guarantees security, protection of the system and all information.

Windows server 2016 Standard is designed to relate to your site’s servers. If you don’t have too many of these, like virtual solutions, then the Windows Server suite of systems will be perfect for you.

Windows Server 2016 Standard – features

Windows server 2016 Standard will allow you to manage your network and internal data, guaranteeing freedom of use and maintaining all security standards. You incur a cost per processor core, so you will be able to easily calculate upfront how much the entire investment of moving your business to a new dimension of work will cost you.

The price of Windows Server 2016 Standard licenses is attractive and does not constitute a barrier even for small businesses that are not yet ready for big investments. On the processor there are costs of activating the software for a minimum of 8 cores, but it is possible to freely adjust it to their growing number.

Manage your network with Windows Server 2016 Standard installed

The entire server system can be controlled from anywhere, so you gain full freedom and optimize the work plan of your enterprise. With Windows Server 2016 Standard, you can assign specific user rights to each employee, streamlining the information flow process. This is possible thanks to phenomenal connectivity and speed in the cloud.

If you have ever used any edition of Windows Server, the 2016 Standard solution will undoubtedly be no problem for you. Familiar interface makes it easy for the user to navigate and manage the system.

Windows Server 2016 Standard does not have a graphical interface, and you can run the system with it even in a basic, simple application version. This makes it possible to use it even on older devices. This also applies to external solutions, which are thus subject to far less stringent requirements.

Take advantage of an operating system for smaller companies

Windows Server 2016 Standard license is a great solution for young entrepreneurs and small businesses that are not yet ready to invest huge money in IT solutions. Different computer systems can be connected without any problem and distribute data between them in an efficient, fast and secure way, even with a limited budget and without features like Shielded Virtual Machines.