You do not remember about topping up your account Try the auto-recharge option in Orange.

You don’t remember to top up your account? Try the auto top-up option in Orange

You often forget to top-up? Or maybe it happens to you only from time to time? For all those having this type of problem, Orange has prepared something extra – Auto-charge. See if this is an option for you.

Orange Auto Top-up has been available for some time, but perhaps not everyone is yet familiar with this most convenient way to top up their account. How to top up your Orange account when you do not remember?

How to top up your Orange account when you forget to do it?

There are several methods of topping up your Orange pre-paid phone – so that every user can find the most convenient one for himself/herself. However, each of them requires some action, and most of all regular account top-ups. One of the suggested actions is taken once, and thanks to it, further formalities are taken care of automatically.

Orange – how to top up via Auto Top Up?

What is Auto Top-up Orange? It is a free service that tops up the account itself every time the account balance requires it. The level of funds below which the phone is to recharge itself is set by the user during service activation. Of course, it can be changed at any time. The user also chooses the recharge amount. To enable the service, all you have to do is select the recharge denomination, the balance below which the phone is to be recharged and add the payment card from which the funds will be taken. The phone will recharge itself.

There is a promotion going on right now – if you start Auto-recharge for min. If you choose 30 PLN, you will receive a 30 PLN bonus after the top-up. This promotion is limited in time and quantity.