Why you should invest in a podcast, mobile has a voice too!

Why it is worth investing in a podcast? – mobile has its voice too!

Recently, almost every now and then you can hear the word podcast in the background, although it is not at all a pandemic invention. This one, yes, caused the rise of social media, which already had a lot to say in managing our time, but podcasts grew relatively slowly. Clearly, however, there is a correlation of these phenomena, as a result of which we are currently experiencing a boom in audio content. The form will continue for years to come, resulting in interest from all, and especially, marketers.

Word is the key in communication and building lasting interpersonal relationships. The spoken word is the prototype for the words that paved the way for the educational revolution in the form of the invention of writing and broadcast media. Then came electronic devices, and with them voice transmissions. “Then” the pandemic broke out, and COVID-19 highlighted trends related to the digitization of entire societies. According to the report prepared by WARC DATA (Global Ad Trends. Covid-19 One year On) brands quickly adapted to the new situation, and digital media were attractive to users.

– 2021 is the year we learned how to sell coffee online for 100 million and the semiconductor crisis rocked us. On this occasion, we are observing bigtech rumors about the metaverse and following the development of not only social media, but above all podcasts and music streaming services. This contributes to the development of content and advertising, especially in the area of audio, which is pushing for a revolution even in the ux world, e.g. in terms of designing voice interactions within a product – says Artur Kurasinski, host of the podcast on Spotify.com.

Where did podcasting come from?

As we can read in Wikipedia, the expression podcast originates from the Apple music player – iPod and from the word broadcast, which from English can be translated as broadcast. The first part may also come from “Personal On Demand according to the Zencast portal. Podcast itself is defined by Oxford Learners Dictionaries as digital audio file, which can be downloaded from the Internet and played on mobile devices. With this definition, one must not forget to mention that podcasting is based on RSS technology. Sprawny Marketing lets us in on the secret. RSS is an acronym that is developed formally as RDF Site Summary or less formally Really Simple Syndication, which is a really simple distribution of. With RSS, websites that frequently update content publish it in an easy way, informing users.

Boom of podcasters!

As mitsmr service argues.pl a dozen years ago podcasts were niche content, for true technology enthusiasts and audiophiles, who enjoyed listening to broadcasts because of their favorite creators. Today in the United States more than 51% of the population regularly listens to at least one podcast. And almost a million people there are active podcasters, the same is true in Australia, where we can list up to 3.5 million active listeners. Service mobiletrends.pl also cited Kantar data, according to which podcasting has become a serious category of works, and in terms of advertising it has become the number one channel in terms of advertising value. He ranked influencer marketing second. Significantly, both of these forms, in a way, owe their high position in this ranking to each other. – Technologies that allow us to listen, watch and discuss in a very friendly and simple way make these formats and communication channels grow the most rapidly – says iPresso Marketing Automation CEO MichaƂ Wojciechowski. – Just over a year and a half ago we had about a thousand active podcasters who were serious about it, and now there are over 5,000. This shows how fast we are growing – emphasizes an expert.

Poland in the face of podcasting

The company Voxnest prepared a report, from which we know that at the end of April the popularity of podcasts in Europe increased by 52 percent. Poland fares particularly well here, which with a growth rate of as much as 300 percent year on year was among the top ten countries where the growth of Polish listeners was particularly fond of two podcasts: Two Types Podcast and Crime Lab. Both titles take the top spot from 2019. The Hootsuite report indicates that streaming has become a TOP series category, with more than 37 percent listening to podcasts. Poles for more than 30 minutes a day.

What to use the power of podcasts for?

Audio Online Advertising Guide 2021 prepared by Adam Pachla and RMF DIGITAL under the auspices of IAB Poland clearly states that a podcast is an ideal place to present your products or services, and the topics are in theory unlimited. Podcasts are best listened to through dedicated apps, and virtual broadcasts also serve business purposes. I see the importance of sharing knowledge. Just an ordinary conversation, not so ordinary at all. Expert knowledge inspires audience trust and attachment, and builds our image as specialists in our field says Dr. Krzysztof Wojewodzic of Escola Mobile Podcast

Forbes talks about audio campaigns as highly personalized and easily scalable, which are engaging and bring listeners into the brands’ world. It is an ideal advertising environment, especially since there are influencers who are building their distribution channels. Segmentation and targeting of content on audio platforms is much simpler than in traditional marketing channels, and these processes rely on readily available information provided by networks and the programs themselves. We can automate the whole process, and we can also control it manually when we need to. Besides, podcasting is not only business and marketing, it is pure pleasure says Artur Jablonski, the host of podcast Concretely about Marketing.