Why you should choose monitoring and IP cameras

Why to choose monitoring and IP cameras?

The Hikvision brand is a globally recognized provider of professional electronic security and CCTV installation products. Why choose Hikvision monitoring and IP cameras? What are the advantages of these solutions? About it in this article!

What Hikvison offers for IP monitoring?

First, we will tell you about IP CCTV products offered by Hikvison. The manufacturer’s extensive product portfolio includes LAN and WLAN network devices, equipment for building alarm systems and access control installations, as well as video intercoms and traditional intercoms. They are valued by security system designers for their reliability and broad functionality. Today we will focus on modern CCTV solutions, in particular on IP CCTV devices and cameras.

Professional manufacturer of equipment for remote video surveillance systems Hikvision Hikvision offers IP Camera in various variants. You can find both IP tube and dome cameras, as well as professional PTZ, wide-angle Fisheye and thermal cameras. The supplier also offers modern IP surveillance sets, TCP/IP compliant DVRs, and hybrid recorders. All products are covered by a long-term warranty confirming their high quality.

What to pay attention to when choosing IP cameras for Hikvision monitoring?

In the extensive product portfolio we can find a number of modern IP Camera devices with various technical parameters. What to pay attention to when choosing IP cameras for Hikvision monitoring?

  • Type of sensor – all the products are equipped with high quality CMOS sensors, however they differ in resolution – usually Full HD or 4K.
  • IR illuminator Hikvision camera may have built-in infrared emitter, which helps in image recording in low light conditions and at night.
  • Housing – the equipment is designed for indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor devices should have appropriate protection class.
  • Type – depending on the needs, users may choose IP tube, dome, PTZ, wide-angle Fisheye, thermal and special purpose cameras.
  • Additional features – the manufacturer offers technologically advanced IP Camera devices equipped with AI algorithms and thermal imaging.

There is no doubt that the choice of Hikvision cameras is a guarantee of reliable image recording in any type of environment, regardless of lighting conditions. You should choose them so that they cover the entire area you want to monitor.

What are the advantages of professional Hikvision monitoring system?

The offer of the manufacturer described by us is not only a single IP Camera devices, but above all it is a complete CCTV solution. What are the advantages of professional Hikvision monitoring system?

  • Available technologies – the equipment has been equipped with innovative solutions in the field of real-time digital image processing. There are technologies improving quality of video signal, such as algorithms and functions of AWB, BLC, AGC, DNR, HLC or True WDR and AI functionalities.
  • Versatility – wide range of product solutions makes it possible to create complete and advanced IP video surveillance systems. The use of dome, PTZ and thermal cameras allows the application of equipment in any location.
  • Software – manufacturer provides users and IT professionals with a range of state-of-the-art applications to operate and manage Hikvsion IP surveillance. There are both programs which allow live viewing and viewing of archived images, as well as practical mobile applications for smartphones.

There is no doubt that CCTV systems have become a permanent fixture in the landscape of today’s commercial buildings and residential homes. If you are looking for reliable solutions for IP video surveillance, choose Hikvsion DVRs and IP cameras!