How Poles destroy smartphones

How Poles are destroying smartphones?

On vacation, while cleaning, playing with the cat or having dinner – Poles destroy their smartphone every two minutes. Often an accident happens when you least expect it. Digital Care Group has prepared a list: where the most often phones are damaged, and who is the perpetrator. To avoid high costs of hardware repair, it is worth investing in proper protection.

Last year Poles destroyed one phone every… two minutes. To the largest services in Poland dealing with the repair of phones, most often went Devices with broken screens, flooded or in need of battery replacement. Digital Care receives thousands of reports every month. The statement shows that an accident can happen in the least expected moments.

Accidents during exotic vacations

Travel agencies encourage to buy additional insurance during foreign trips. It covers medical expenses such as. when a customer breaks a leg. But we don’t think about the accidents that happen to our devices – especially our phones. It turns out that during the vacations are often flooded and broken smartphones, so you should also take care of their protection.

When relaxing, the only thing we dream about is peace and quiet. Unfortunately, there are often really surprising situations, the consequences of which could have been avoided if we had protected the phone. One of the reports showed that the device was lying on a table, on which a snake fell from the roof – says Magdalena Król, Client Spokesperson at Digital Care. – This situation scared one of the vacationers, who hit the table. The phone fell to the ground and a glass of water spilled on it. This is just one of a handful of holiday reports.

The expert adds that the purchase of additional protection package can guarantee the repair of the device, and in some cases – even its replacement with a new model. It is worth considering different variants and choose the one that secures our smartphone in the widest range. In most cases the protection also covers damage to phones which occur abroad.

Cat, mop, and sharp claws

Phone repairs are often reported by pet owners – according to Digital Care statistics, they account for about 2% of all damages. What are the cases? Animals are most likely to drop their smartphones into a bucket of water or off a table. These situations often occur while cleaning your home. Cat scratches also happen.

One of the reports, however, drew particular attention of service technicians. A customer reported that the display in his smartphone was broken by … a bird. During a walk in the park, this one flew up to a man, hit the phone, which landed on a concrete alley.

Falls while working, playing and shopping

Phones are also destroyed during accidents at work. There are reports that the phone fell from a great height when the customer was doing construction work. Some reports were about phones … smashed by cars.

Shopping can also contribute

to smartphone damage. One victim reported that she fell in a supermarket on her handbag, which contained her phone. Almost 20% of all damage was caused by the phone slipping out of a bag, backpack or pocket, so it’s worth rethinking how and where you hide your phone when you leave the house.

It’s good everywhere, but at home…

However, the statistics are inexorable – up to 45% of damage occurs at home, and up to 15% at work. Often the cause is carelessness – a wrongly placed phone falls down from a cupboard or table, a knocked over glass of water or other drink spills over the device. In 7% of cases the perpetrators are children. And despite the fact that nearly 70% of phones are protected by glass, foil or cases, still 50% of respondents declare that their phone has been damaged.

Protection against high repair costs

The monthly cost of protection of the smartphone is, depending on the offer of the operator from a few to several PLN. Repair costs in 2022. The average value of damages ranges from several hundred to even 8 thousand PLN. So it’s a good idea to protect your phone just in case, so that you can walk, shop, go on vacation and have fun.