What possibilities does a system for whistleblowers offer?


What opportunities does the whistleblower system offer??

A system for whistleblowers is a helpful solution for any company and, most importantly, benefits the employer. All the problems that negatively affect the running of the company will be easily solved. Employer will get a chance to respond quickly before information gets to law enforcement. Find out what opportunities the whistleblower system offers and what its advantages are.

Who is a whistleblower?

A whistleblower is a person who detects any irregularities that occur in a company. His task is to report such situations directly to his superiors. If no action is taken by the management, the whistleblower can report the matter to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

The role of a whistleblower helps to quickly resolve any troubles that take place in a particular company. Until now, many employees were afraid to personally report problems to their bosses. This, in turn, has had the effect of reducing the company's efficiency and compounding problems. For this reason it was created system for whistleblowers, which is based on a new EU directive providing adequate protection for employees.

What opportunities does the whistleblower system provide?

A whistleblower system like Whiblo is an internal channel that allows you to report undesirable, negative situations and violations of law. The application has been created on the basis of the latest IT technologies which support companies. It also allows you to submit and receive anonymous submissions.

The system is intuitive, easy to use, gives full freedom and anonymity to employees. It is much simpler and faster than sending letters or emails. The application does not require a complicated implementation process and does not burden the organization's infrastructure.

The employee only needs to log in to his account and complete the application information. He can also check the status of his whistleblowing and have an anonymous conversation with the application coordinator who is on the organization's side. Through the system, the coordinator can: handle and archive requests, keep records, generate reports and export important data to external company resources.

What are the advantages of implementing a system for whistleblowers?

A system for whistleblowers has several important advantages that can definitely improve the functioning of a company. The Whiblo app allows you to:

  • quick detection of all irregularities at an early stage, before they come to light and negatively affect the image of the company,
  • Getting comprehensive information from an employee about a problem that has arisen in the company,
  • deterring all potential violators, who will then be willing to give up their illegal activities,
  • reinforcement of trust between employees and the employer.

The whistleblower system will help in detecting irregularities and immediate reaction. This way the company will be able to deal with any problems before they get outside and cause many negative consequences for the employer. Employees will also feel more secure and safe by anonymously reporting any misconduct or disturbing situations. It will also minimize not only reputational but above all financial losses. An ethical workplace culture will be maintained, which is important for the entire company environment.