What are the reasons why companies outsource their IT services to Poland

What are the reasons why companies outsource their IT services to Poland?

For several years Poland has been mentioned among the best locations for outsourcing IT services in the nearshoring model. Access to world-class IT specialists and lower costs are the main reasons why companies from abroad delegate project implementation to Poland.

Why it is worth choosing outsourcing?

As you can read on the ProdataConsult website, IT outsourcing is attractive for several reasons. The main advantage of using external IT services is the ability to work with specialists without recruiting them to the team. This in turn means savings in terms of both time and budget. In the era, when access to modern technologies is perceived as a competitive advantage, cooperation with an external entity, which can organize a team in a short period of time, brings many benefits.

Other advantages of outsourcing are:

  • comprehensive help of IT consultants – we are talking about the best, independent IT specialists,
  • effectiveness – as part of the IT services, the client establishes cooperation with specialists, bypassing the internal recruitment process,
  • quality of results – experienced IT consultants work on the project, which ensures the best results.

Onshore, offshore and nearshore

Foreign companies that see the potential in outsourcing IT services can choose from the following cooperation models: onshore, offshore and nearshore. What are the differences between them?

Onshore is a variant of outsourcing that consists in cooperation with a company providing IT services in the same country – IT consultants come from there. As a result, there is no language or cultural barrier between the company ordering the services and the specialists. Despite the undoubted advantages of the onshore model, many companies exclude it due to high costs.

Offshore is the opposite of onshore, as IT consultants are sought abroad, usually in distant countries. For example, a company from Spain will look for specialists in India or Singapore. This type of outsourcing offers the greatest financial benefits, but it also means numerous barriers, especially language, cultural and time zone differences.

Nearshoring versus onshore and offshore is an intermediate solution. In this case, IT consultants also come from abroad, but it is one of the close countries. For example, a company from Sweden uses IT services in Poland. Despite the language barrier, the cultural barrier is eliminated.

Outsourcing IT services to Poland – what are the advantages of nearshoring??

Nearshoring is one of the most popular IT outsourcing models. ProdataConsult specialists point out that its main benefits are: