Web wholesale – what to look for when choosing software

Wholesale online – what to look for when choosing software?

The market situation in e-commerce has meant that it is not enough to have a high-quality product to win against the competition. Nowadays the key role is played by the relation with the client and qualitative cooperation. Therefore, entrepreneurs do everything to meet the requirements of their contractors. One of the most important issues for an online wholesaler is a welded platform that will meet the needs of both customers and the business itself. What to consider when choosing software for your B2B store?

What kind of software to choose?

First of all we should think about what kind of software we are interested in. Should it be open source or rather SaaS? Open source software for B2B online store is, above all, free, and, what’s more, it allows to modify the source code freely. For this reason, many entrepreneurs set up an online wholesale business based on just such software. However, it should be taken into account that the possibilities of a B2B store operating in such a system may be limited. Lack of technical support is also a disadvantage – in case of problems we have to rely on ourselves.

Another solution, the software of SaaS type is a paid option, usually by paying a monthly fee. SaaS platforms give online wholesalers more options, are more professional, and allow for integrations with many helpful add-ons. An example is the CStore software that allows you to set up an online store in the dropshipping model or an online wholesale in the B2B model. You can read more about CStore software on www.cstore.en/wholesale-b2b/

Wholesale software vs. business growth forecasts

What software or wholesale platform one chooses should depend on m.in. from the development forecast of our business. It is important to remember that some solutions do not offer as much potential as others. A small B2B online store with a few dozen products can be powered by open source software, but if you intend to grow in the future and offer hundreds or even thousands of products and reach more and more customers, you should think about a professional subscription platform.

A B2B wholesaler tailored not only to the customer

Above all, a wholesale platform should be tailored to customers to provide them with an easy shopping experience, contact with the company and security. However, do not forget that the convenience and comfort of the company also counts. For this reason, when choosing software for a B2B online store, it is also worth considering whether it meets the needs of employees, makes their work easier, and reduces costs. That is why before choosing it is worth to precisely define your needs and on their basis choose a solution.