New mobile advertising trend for 2022 – programmatic.

New mobile advertising trend for 2022 – programmatic

As many as 45% representatives of media houses in Poland believe that programmatic will be the leading trend in mobile advertising in 2022. Spicy Mobile research published in “Change and People” report brings more interesting data.

In mid-2021, Spicy Mobile conducted a survey of media planners and buyers. Its results clearly indicate the growing importance of programmatic advertising on mobile. As many as 73% of media house representatives surveyed consider programmatic to be one of the most promising types of mobile advertising (followed by social media and video), and 45% cite it as one of the most important trends and developments in mobile advertising in 2022.

According to Dominik Stocki from Spicy Mobile programmatic will be one of the hottest topics in the coming year, and programmatic ad buying itself will become even more popular. Bad economy translates into advertisers looking for the most cost-effective and measurable models to buy quality traffic online.

According to the estimates of IAB Poland, in 2020 the value of the programmatic market increased by 20% to the level of PLN 1.147 billion, thus exceeding the barrier of one billion. Spending on programmatic advertising already accounts for 22% of the online advertising budget and nearly 50% of spending on display advertising alone. The mobile advertising market is growing just as rapidly, increasing by 21% to PLN 1.7 billion in 2020. So it’s safe to say that mobile and programmatic are driving digital advertising.

According to Karol Kiel of Publicis Media The growth of programmatic spending is twice as high as the growth of overall advertising spending – “The growth prediction for digital ad spending according to Publicis Media is 13%. On this basis, we can assume that spending on programmatic advertising will grow at a rate of about 25% year on year. The main beneficiary of this increase is YouTube, and ads bought through open auctions. For most incumbent publishers, this means getting out of the comfort zone of industry sales and having to bid and fight for user and advertising with the entire market.”.

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