Jubilee edition of Byte My Code powered by UBS IT experts from all over the world at your fingertips!

Anniversary edition of Byte My Code powered by UBS: IT experts from around the world on hand!

This year we celebrate 5. jubilee edition of a well-known and respected conference Byte My Code powered by UBS. On the virtual stage we will see world-renowned IT professionals who will take us on a journey from Agile through Java to Quarkus! Join hundreds of developers ONLINE on October 23 to hear about topics that will expand your knowledge and discuss current technology issues.

Byte My Code 2021 is a huge dose of knowledge about Java programming, different versions of the language, the cloud, technology issues and more!

And who will we see on the virtual stage?

We will be able to listen to esteemed speakers such as:

  • Simon Ritter – Getting the Most from Modern Java
  • Adam Bien – How to build a great, serverless, cloud-native monolith
  • Edson Yanaga – Coding That Sparks Joy With Quarkus
  • Aino Vonge Corry – What an architect can learn from retrospective failures
  • Josh Long – Kubernetes Native Java
  • Jelena Laketić – Improving Engineering Experience at UBS
  • Eberhard Wolf – Software Architecture – Why I Do It Differently

Let’s celebrate 5 years of coding together! You can find all necessary information and the link to register at: https://bytemycode.pl

For the first 100 people there will be a surprise! The organizers took care of one-of-a-kind Byte My Code gift packs and special prizes in competitions held during the event. The main prize is a modern PlayStation 5. Additionally you can win: speakers, board games sets, thermos flasks and t-shirts.

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