Huawei Idea Hub, a mini lecture on the future of education and the education market.

Huawei Idea Hub, a mini lecture on the future of education and the education market

The world is changing. Our environment is also changing, and with it the approach to education is also changing. How has the school and the way of teaching changed over the years were discussed by the guests of the mini event organized by Huawei. Huawei Idea Hub addresses the challenges and concerns currently faced by teachers and how modern technology can help them.

Admittedly, this is not a sponsored article, so we will not promote this manufacturer’s equipment here, which is clearly what the indicated material is for. This is also not an article analyzing the image issues of this brand, which have certainly been well played by broadcasting this debate. Nevertheless, this video raises very important issues from the social point of view, namely the coherence of education with technology, or rather the need for such coherence. The problem is important and it is good that debates are created to discuss it. After all, it is about the future, and that future will certainly be in the hands of technology. – We cannot educate children in isolation from the reality that surrounds us – says Anna Sokołowska from Central Technology House, which Mobile Trends editors cannot deny.

Pandemic educates teachers

We now live in a time where most of us are active users of technology. We do it involuntarily, though not all at the same level. This is understandable, after all we all have different needs and modes of functioning. However, the outbreak of the pandemic has forced teachers to adapt to the new situation. But also students without access to tools had to suffer from technological exclusion. This situation, although quite unpleasant, gave a chance to many people to develop their digital competences. Although they are still not always equal and satisfactory, according to Rafal Lew-Starowicz, this has been improving quite rapidly in recent times.

How education has changed over the last few generations?

Experts point out that this has changed dramatically. Although we do not need experts to determine this for ourselves. In schools, we now have access to financial management systems, constant access to grades and contact with teachers, facilities such as m-legitimacy or interactive devices with which classrooms are equipped. From VCRs and old TVs mentioned as the tools that one of the participants in the debate remembered, to interactive whiteboards that were the mark of modern classroom equipment in the days of the person writing these words, to today’s operating systems and mobile applications that facilitate student supervision on the part of parents. School is changing with our world and evolving with technology, though not commensurate with it.

Is it possible to combine the words of education and technology today?

– There is no effective education without technologyThe director of the Polish Development Fund Foundation stated categorically.

What are the requirements for the current school system?

It turns out that today’s school should not be used for the mere transmission of knowledge. School should focus on how to teach students to learn. An educational institution should also generate the development of future skills that will allow students to navigate the current and future reality. Does the system in which we are currently educated meet our needs today? Unfortunately, not really.

Vices of the educational system

Today’s youth is overburdened with learning things that are not really up to date and only contribute to stress. Apart from the substantive content of the current educational program for young people, the issue also lies in the approach to imparting knowledge. Agile management methodologies, working on projects and in groups should become an increasingly common standard. The equipment of the institution should also meet the expectations of the new times. The use of technology can make the way knowledge is acquired more pleasant. Interactive monitors and e-materials would save students time on note-taking, and they could focus on the activity at hand. Someone might perversely say that you remember better when you take notes, but let’s be honest, who of us remembers notes from high school? Yes, writing provides comfort of remembering, but in a world in which we bombard our brains with such a dose of information, these will fall out of our heads anyway. The ability to obtain real information and the ability to record and catalog it should be the key to today’s education.

.- The learner has the choice of working, whether they want to work at home or at school. Can build a map from the contours, building rivers, cities, names of lands. What is more, the student can build this map according to his own ideas. If the customer is fascinated by physical geography and would like to imagine not where Mount Everest is but what it looks like, he can install this type of interactive point on the map himself says Maciej Gąsiorowski about the possibilities of the Meridian Prime platform.

As you can see, thanks to such solutions students can learn familiar things in a creative way, activating their attentiveness, additionally giving them competence in handling interactive solutions.

Technology is not everything

In all this technological shock, it is necessary to find moderation. Experts praising the capabilities of today’s technology also say that it is not and should not be the only determinant of education. This is another point we agree with! Tools are not a substitute for knowledge, human relations or traditions resulting from the way of life of a society. They are only a complement and should push us to look for better solutions, but they cannot blind us or make us lazy. Natalia Hatalska wrote about it in her book, which we highly recommend reading, as well as taking a look at the debate we just discussed.

Socially useful advertisement

Although you can see the promotional activity here, you can’t take away from Huawei the right path it has taken in the subject matter. As a person dealing with the PR issues, I personally like this concept very much. Some may consider it advertising, maybe even weak, but from another point of view it is quite a good social campaign, especially from our –technological point of view. Bravo Huawei!