Digital competences – what they are and why it is worth enhancing them

Digital competences – what they are and why it is worth enhancing them?

The COVID-19 epidemic has forced many entrepreneurs to organize remote work in the company. Schools also operated in a similar mode. This situation allowed to assess the importance of digital competences, i.e. skills related to the proper selection and use of available digital tools.

The importance of digital competences

Digital competences are nowadays one of the basic skills of modern man. These include the ability to choose the right digital tools and use them in the right way, but also the ability to think innovatively or plan digital processes in the organization. As defined by the European Council Recommendations 2018, “Digital competence involves the critical and responsible use of and interest in digital technologies for learning, work and participation in society”. This is a using information and data posted online, communicating with other users, using various types of media, creating digital content, as well as maintaining safety while performing these activities. Digital competences also include understanding the principles and mechanisms of digital technologies or knowing and using the basic functions of various devices, software and networks.

The importance of digital competence in today’s world has been highlighted by the COVID-19 epidemic. The dynamic digital transformation forced by this new reality has at the same time caused a competence gap. Adapting to the situation, therefore, requires complementing knowledge and acquiring skills that enable one to remain on the labor market. That is why Polish employees willingly participate in special trainings and courses, thanks to which they can better understand new technologies. Employers also play a very important role in this process – they should enable their employees to gain digital competences.

Why it is worth enhancing employees’ digital competences?

Currently many companies use special programs to automate processes occurring in the company. With modern tools, tedious and time-consuming tasks are completed much faster, while employees can devote their time to other, no less important duties.

Digital competence is extremely important in today’s world, because it allows you to better understand new products and services, but also increases confidence when applying for a dream job. From an entrepreneur’s point of view digital skills of employees are no less important as they increase the competitiveness of the company and allow to provide customers with services and products of the highest quality.

How to improve digital competences?

Many employers provide their employees with opportunities to improve digital competencies. It is worth using modern tools to achieve this goal. It will be helpful, for example. a special application for business designed to check the level of digital competences of users and allow them to supplement their knowledge and skills in this area.