1. LA Times calls Arthur Newman “refreshingly unexpected.” Get on the road (to the theater) this weekend!  4
  2. If Colin Firth lived out his own Arthur Newman scenario, he says he’d don a stethoscope, scrubs, and become a doctor. Paging Dr. Charming! 25
  3. Fresno Bee raves, “outstanding performances by Firth and Blunt make #ArthurNewman well worth the ride.” Have you seen it yet? 9
  4. What is in a name? Colin Firth discusses the importance of identity with The Boston Herald: http://bit.ly/YheNIP  10
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Colin Firth at the Arthur Newman premiere
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  8. Umm, is it too late to call shotgun?  6
  9. Leave your identity at home and go see Arthur Newman this weekend! http://bit.ly/ZlU98w

  10. If you had to go on a road trip with one of Arthur Newman’s stars, who would you choose? 13
  11. “There’s a lot more to finding a new identity than changing your car, your clothes and your driver’s license.” - Colin Firth. Have you ever wanted to be somebody else? 38
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  13. Crave Online calls Arthur Newman “entertaining and sexy.” Funny—we would say the same thing about Colin Firth!  31
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